Our School has been working with Malaco Technology for the past three years and they have been amazing. They are reliable, efficient, and provide amazing service at a reasonable price. The team at Malaco Technology are also very friendly and approachable and we have seen a drastic increase in staff and students requesting support since the start of the contract which is an amazing outcome.

We utilise the services of Malaco Technology for one day each week in our primary school. Each week the tech checks in and attends to our joblog, walking around the school to resolve issues which are listed. Our joblog is usually completed at the end of the day and we are very happy with the service.

We use Malaco Technology for IT support and are very happy. The technicians have been great and we have utilised additional services during our busy periods, they are very accommodating. The itemised monthly invoices are great, they make things easy to check off against our school timesheets for processing. We would highly recommend Malaco Technology.