Our diverse team are passionate about providing exceptional support to ensure technology is assisting Teaching and Learning. Our Team members include all levels of support from entry-level technicians to IT Managers, working in schools all around South East Queensland. Our dedicated team members love the unique challenges which schools present and thrive on ensuring each and every one of our schools exceptionally supported.

Assistance Ace

Acing the game of IT support, providing top-notch assistance to users in need.

Automation Artesian

Crafting and implementing automated solutions to streamline support processes.

Desktop Doctor

Adept at healing and optimizing desktop environments, providing seamless user experiences.

Digital Director

Steering the digital initiatives and strategies with a clear vision.

Digital Dynamo

Infusing energy and dynamism into digital processes and technologies.

Endpoint Envoy

Focused on securing and optimizing end-user devices for peak performance.

Hardware Hero

Masters of hardware intricacies, ensuring all components work seamlessly.

Helpdesk Hero

Rescuing users from IT dilemmas with a cape of troubleshooting prowess.

Issue Inquisitor

Diligently investigating and inquiring into IT issues to unveil effective solutions.

Leadership Luminary

Illuminating the path for the IT team, fostering a culture of leadership and growth.

Operational Oracle

Providing insightful guidance and overseeing the operational aspects of IT initiatives.

Query King

Expertly handling and resolving user queries and concerns.

Query Quarterback

Strategically leading the plays to tackle and score points in resolving user queries.

Resolution Renegade

Fearlessly challenging and overcoming IT obstacles for users.

Response Ronin

Swift and agile, responding to IT challenges with precision.

Service Sherpa

Guiding users to IT bliss by swiftly addressing service requests and inquiries.

Software Sherpa

Guiding users through the software landscape, ensuring a smooth journey.

Solution Samurai

Mastering the art of IT support with swift and precise solutions.

Solution Sorcerer

Conjuror of effective solutions for a variety of IT issues and complications.

Support Sultan

Ruling the domain of IT support with wisdom and expertise.

Tech Maestro

Orchestrating and conducting the IT symphony with skill and precision.

Tech Tactician

Employing tactical approaches to address IT challenges and maximize efficiency.

Tech Trailblazer

Paving the way through technological challenges with expertise.

Tech Translator

Bridging the communication gap between technical and non-technical users.

Ticket Titan

Masters of managing and resolving support tickets with efficiency and precision.

UX guide

Nurturing user experience, ensuring interfaces are not only functional but user-friendly.

Virtual Visionary

A visionary in the realm of virtualization, foreseeing and implementing future technologies.